Excellent Painters Advantage

The Excellent Painters Advange
Color Consulting
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It’s easy to know when your  home needs painting. It’s hard to decide what colors to use. The Excellent Painters team can help you out. We know what looks good because we’ve painted homes in your neighborhood. We also keep tabs on what colors are trending and what colors help drive up the resale price of homes in the area....

Prime Territories Available
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As we are relatively new to franchising, we have quite a few prime territories available. However, territories are being scooped up fast! Let us know your interest right away so we can make sure you get the territory you want. You can see the available territories here

Commercial Project Program 
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This program involves getting commercial painting jobs from national-level businesses. These could be chain restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses, or retail stores. For example, if McDonald’s decides they need to paint all their stores, our national team will work to win their business all across the country. If one of those stores happens to be in your exclusive territory, then we will hand that job over to you. You only have to send out a crew to paint it and you will get paid. This is work a small franchise might otherwise have a very hard time winning. 

Marketing Material & Support
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We have an easy-to-use online store where you can buy shirts, hats, yard signs, business cards, promotional mailers, and almost anything else you may need at a reasonable price. We already have everything professionally designed with the appropriate logos and information, so all you have to do is let us know what you need and we will ship it out to you promptly. Your franchise will get a pre-optimized web page and will benefit from our continuous online marketing efforts. We are here to help you succeed.

Training Program
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Our training program will cover everything from the basics of the painting industry and how it all works to exactly how to use the software to keep track of your growing income. We have custom-built software for lead management, estimation, and contractor management. Each piece communicates seamlessly with the other pieces, so it’s essentially all one system. Our week-long online training program will leave you well versed in how all of it works. You will also receive your own computer preloaded with all the software you need to become successful.

Answering Service
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If you are running a small operation you might be out painting or estimating much of the day and won’t have time to answer the phone. Your franchise comes with a full year of free answering service. During normal business hours, when your business line rings, but you can’t answer it, we will do it for you and relay any messages to you promptly. Other painting franchisors charge an extra fee for this service. We know you will be busy working hard during your first year and we want to help you succeed.

Lead Generation
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At Excellent Painters, we know that sometimes it can be hard to find new customers. That’s why we offer a proprietary software system that will track all your leads, no matter where they come from. The system will help to guide you through the process from setting appointments to completion of the job and payment. We also provide leads at a competitive rate, so our franchisees aren’t left to fend for themselves amongst the wolves of the lead generation industry. Some of our leads will be supplied as appointments already scheduled for you to send an estimator. 

Vendor Discounts
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We negotiate bulk discounts with national-level paint suppliers and pass on the savings to our franchisee family. No matter where you are in the country, you will get a great deal on paint and supplies from one of our qualified vendors. You can’t get paint this cheap anywhere else and you can only get it at this price if you are part of the family. This means you can offer competitive rates and maintain a higher profit margin.

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For any new business owner, there will always be unexpected situations and unforeseen complications. With an Excellent Painters franchise, you have the whole corporate team at our headquarters available to answer your questions and help you through those difficult parts. We’ve been there and seen that and know exactly the best way to handle all those sticky situations. If you are having computer trouble or an uncooperative employee, someone on our team can provide you with support. We make more money when you make more money.

Exclusive Territory
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Once you have decided to buy an Excellent Painters franchise, we will confirm that the territory you are interested in is available. No other Excellent Painters franchise will be allowed to work in your exclusive territory. We make sure each franchise territory is big enough to support your business. You can secure your preferred territory while you are still arranging your financing, so you know it will still be there when you are ready to open your Excellent Painters franchise.

Expert Training

We invite our new franchisees to participate one week on our online training program. This program will teach you everything you will need to know about the painting industry and how to use our exclusive software.

Finding Subcontractors

We’ve discovered some remarkably easy ways to find and vet painting subcontractors. We will share that knowledge with you and teach you how to find your own subcontractors.

Custom Software

We’ve designed custom software to handle all the math, the calculations, scheduling, and tied it all into a familiar bookkeeping system. This system could not be easier to use.

High Achievement Rewards Progam

Franchisees who exceed their pre-approved goals in a given year are invited to go on an all-expense paid tropical cruise with the team from the Excellent Painters Headquarters.

National Commercial Project Participation Program

This program involves getting commercial painting jobs from national-level businesses. This is work a small franchise might otherwise have a very hard time winning.

Exclusive Private Lead Generation Program

Excellent Painters provides leads at a competitive rate. Some of our leads will be supplied as appointments already scheduled for your estimator. When we get leads for painting in your territory we will gladly send them along to you.